Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NOS Heater Pipe Adapter Rings

I was having major problems trying to get my heater hoses attached from my car to my heater boxes. Nothing was working. I made sure I found NOS heater boxes, bought both kinds of NOS hoses, and nothing would hook up appropriately.

When I found my car, chassis 152 252, it had no heater pipes to speak of. The engine was a genuine VW rebuilt engine from the 70's with apparently a later style heater box. I could not get things to hook up whatsoever.

Andy Holmes bailed me out on this one. He found these genuine VW Type 3 adapter rings on the Samba, part number 311 255 113.

It turns out they worked perfectly for my situation and I can now heat the interior of my car. I slid them into the flexible pipes and they now attach with no worries.

Thanks Andy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Did the Right Thing and Had the Mechanics Checked Out

Delivered the car to to a VW shop to check out the suspension, brakes and transmission. They found many issues that had to be corrected. One big item... my brake drums were out of round and therefore had to be replaced.

The transmission, a rebuilt one, was leaking with the old seals. To be sure to make it would behave properly they removed it from the car, torqued down the case, and replaced the seals.

Because of the above the engine was out. I took it to yet another vintage VW shop to have it tested on a bench . The mechanics gave it a 100% good-to-go rating. The loved the unfamiliar side draft carb and how it started up right away with few issues. They let it warm up and then let it come back to idle. All of them commented on how well it sounded.

This was the first time I have rebuilt an engine and had things work right off the bat. Yesss!

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