Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Real Drive in 26 Years

Checked the oil, tire pressure, and gas and took off through the sunny pine tree countryside of Lake Tahoe. I wasn't sure I was going to make it back without a tow or flatbed.

I had forgotten how well the T34 handles on tight turns. Tahoe has many highways with sharp corners and I was able to have some fun being aggressive with them.

After 20 minutes the car seemed to be begging to be put into the final 4th gear for the cruising it seems to be designed for. On one stretch of the highway I was able to do so. The vehicle seemed to give a sigh a satisfaction that it was back on the road as the RPMs dropped.

I made a mental checklist of things that need fixing. Among the items is some needed engine tuning. There wasn't much power going up steep hills but it was adequate on the more level roads.

After 40 miles I pulled into the garage and immediately re-torqued my lug nuts. I remembered Andy's accident where his wheel fell off and didn't want to repeat it.

What a fun day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

DMV - Denied

Tried to get a titled today at the Nevada DMV. The pink slip for the T34 is long gone, probably thrown away during a house remodel.

They didn't like my proof of ownership I had EVEN THOUGH IT IS WHAT THEY WANTED ME TO GET LAST WEEK.

The supervisor then asked me to supply proof that I have owned pictures of this car for many years.

This was actually kind of a fun project. I had my daughter help me recreate a pose I did about ten years ago. The old photo is at the top with the car dissembled and the bottom photo is the car assembled. The car didn't age but I sure did! I hope the supervisor sees my growing older as proof.

As other proof of owner ship I was able to find my VW birth certificate from the factory. It is a letter addressed to me from Wolfsburg with my chassis number and vehicle description.

I should be good to go.


Update - The birth certificate from Wolfsburg did the trick! The supervisor of the supervisor had to give the document an OK and signed off on giving me official title to my T34. Whew!
Thanks for all the encouragement from everyone.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Under the Hood Drainage Hose

My front hood drainage hose was disintegrating. I ordered several standard sized hoses from U.S. companies but none of them fit correctly.

Finally I located a supplier in England who had metric sizes. I found one which was a very close fit. Sent Lee Hedges a sample to get his opinion. He confirmed it worked for him.

The hose is located at . Order the tubing that has the 10mm bore and 1.55 wall.