Monday, May 24, 2010

Early T3 Carburetor Altitude Corrector - Initial Impression

The early side draft T3 carburetors were given the option of having their main jets substituted with an optional Solex altitude corrector. Go here for more documentation on the T34 web site.

The size difference between the main jet and the corrector is quite noticeable.

Below is a photo with the unit installed. I didn’t have to remove the carburetor and there were no gasoline leaks with the unit in place.

Initial impressions at 7200 feet , with a warm engine, were quite favorable. I was able to start the engine with ease and run it around the block with the same performance I had at 4300 feet.

The big test is when I get the car registered and can run it to the 9000 foot summit of Mount Rose highway. Based upon today’s results I expect no issues.