Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Went To Carson City, Nevada, Today

Took the T34 to work. It was its longest trip so far and the weather was perfect, a cool 65 degrees. Started at Mt. Rose, elevation 8900 feet, and drove through Washoe Valley, 4500 feet, in twenty-five minutes. The denser air gave the engine more strength and more responsive acceleration. It was a different car!

Had no overheating issues coming home. 3rd gear was used most of the drive uphill. This car has amazing abilities.

I sure can get used to commuting this way. Below is a shot of the vehicle at my company's parking lot.


Lee Hedges said...

T34s are meant to be driven! Awesome to hear the ol' girl is getting some exercise!

John said...

Hi Paul!

Sweet lookin' car! Great job...

Interesting - my daughter's getting ready to drive, and wants my car, so I've recently gotten back into the market for a type III - thinking squareback this time around.

So I signed up for TheSamba, and your name kept popping up around the forums, and I thought... "could it be?" and with a little poking around - it is! - my old roomie Paul.

Anyway, thought I'd say hey. I either didn't know, or forgot you were a vw enthusiast. :-)

Take Care
John Ford

John said... wait. I remember a baja bug. :-)